FAQs for the Pilot Program


Frequently Asked Questions Regarding our Pilot Program

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The pilot test enables VGES to ascertain actual study time for each course in order to get authorization to issue appropriate IACET CEUs. You can register to join the pilot program until February 28, 2020.  The pilot test will end on May 31, 2020, which is approximately 90 days after the pilot registration period.

You may take any of the nine available courses.

Work at your own pace. However, you are expected to complete a course before starting another one. Please complete as many courses as time permits within the pilot period. 

During the pilot test, there is no time restriction. Study at your own pace and take the quiz after you have gone through each topic. Course study time is automatically recorded. An idle time of 10 minutes (no cursor/mouse movement) is allowed for reading and comprehension. Timing stops if idles time exceeds 10 minutes.  

We are currently going through the IACET accreditation process and not authorized to issue IACET CEUs yet. However, we will ask IACET to retroactively authorize VGES to issue IACET CEUs for each successfully completed course during the pilot program.

To successfully complete a course, you must read all topics in the course and achieve a minimum of 70% score on the course quiz.

In addition to successfully completing as many courses as time permits during the pilot period, we require that you complete the simple course evaluation form after completing each course. It will allow us to continue providing quality courses that achieve specified learning outcomes.