Specialized training courses and on-demand course access. Interactive calculation modules.

VGES provides the unique ability of continuous access to your courses and interactive calculation modules whether you are in the field or the office.  Our site works best in Google Chrome.

No time limit on course access for course bundle subscribers compared to other providers who specify periods of course availability.

Use our accompanying calculation modules to perform calculations interactively on any applicable course topic whether in the office or in the field.

You decide if our courses and content delivery meet your expectations. We priced our courses competitively and you can cancel anytime. In addition, our prices reduce as length of subscription increases. With other  providers, you make the full payment upfront. 

Need to qualify to take operator exams or need CEUs for certificate renewal on a short notice? 

If you are subscribed to the course bundle, all you have to do is complete enough courses to earn up to 36 contact hours and print your certificates. For example, a 36 contact hours (3.6 CEUs) certificate for the Water Treatment Fundamentals course bundle qualifies as a specialized training course to take the California SWRCB’s operator exams.

If you are not subscribed to a course bundle, you can register for one or more 4-contact hour courses and complete the courses in 1 to 14 days to earn CEUs quickly and submit your certificate renewal application on time.

Our courses provide broad coverage of subject matter while satisfying prescribed learning outcomes. Whether you are learning about a subject matter for the first time or just require a refresher, we believe you will acquire the knowledge you need to perform your routine tasks regarding each subject matter. We continuously update our course contents as new information becomes available.

Our quizzes are representative of typical examination questions and our course content prepares you for certification examinations in all grades.