Frequently Asked Questions


Frequently Asked Questions

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VGES is accredited by the International Association for Continuing Education and Training (IACET) and is authorized to issue IACET CEUs. Certifying authorities typically accept IACET CEUs, however, each certifying body or state agency has its own requirements regarding what is acceptable. Please check with your certifying authority for verification of their requirements.

All you need to register, participate in, and complete a course is a computer or a mobile device with internet access. Our site works best in Google Chrome.

No prerequisite is required to take our courses and earn CEUs. However, certifying authorities may require a minimum educational qualification, such as a high school diploma or GED, before allowing participation in certification examinations.

An individual course is a 4-hour class that provides 4 contact hours that can be used as continuing education units (0.4 CEUs) toward certificate/license renewal. Complete enough individual courses to meet your certificate renewal requirements or subscribe to a course bundle for continuous access. Individual courses must be successfully completed within 14 days.

A course bundle includes a collection of individual courses that amount to one 3-unit, 36-hour (or 3.6 CEUs) course of specialized training that can be used to qualify for certification examination or certificate renewal. With a course bundle subscription, you have continuous access to all courses and accompanying calculation modules as applicable. In addition, the courses collectively become an e-Textbook on the go.

You must complete an individual course within 14 days. It is recommended to complete a course bundle within 12 months. Study at your own pace, however, you will not be able to take the quiz until you have reviewed all the sections and topics in the course. A course is completed upon achieving a passing score of 70% or more on the quiz. 

For more information on completing a course, visit our Knowledge Base

Upon successful completion of a course quiz, your certificate will be generated automatically.

For more information on receiving your certificate, visit our Knowledge Base

Yes. Our course bundle provides the 3-unit (36-hour) course of specialized training to qualify for the water treatment operator exam, water supply principles course (Distribution) exam, and as a supplemental specialized training course if you have already acquired a 3-unit course and need 6 units, or have 6 units and need 9 units, and so on, to take higher level (Grades 3-5) exams.

Note that completion of 36 contact hours (3-unit course) of training is not required for Grade 1 exams, however, you will benefit from taking our courses to be successful in any water treatment and water distribution exams.

You may subscribe to: 

✓ the 9-course bundle which comes with the computation tables, either as a corporate entity/group with multiple licenses or as an individual subscriber


✓ the Computation Tables only (does not provide CEUs)

With a course bundle subscription…

✓ you earn CEUs on-demand

✓ upon completion of the course bundle, you earn 3.6 CEUs toward qualifying to take your certification exams

✓ you have continuous access to all accompanying calculation modules

✓ your online course bundle becomes an e-Textbook on the go

Corporate subscribers may suspend any number of their licenses. However, a suspended license will require re-registration.

As an individual subscriber, you may pause or suspend your subscription. Subscriptions are applied on a monthly basis and are not pro-rated, therefore, we do not allow refunds. However, in pause mode, all automatic monthly payments will cease. Registration will be placed on hold and your courses will be set to a suspended mode, as such, you will cease to have direct access to course materials. You will continue to have access to your transcripts and certificates. Please note that time accrual toward subscription discount will be discontinued while your account is in pause mode. Previously accrued time will be saved for future subscription discount.

Corporate subscribers cannot cancel their subscriptions but may choose not to renew at the end of the subscription period.

As an individual subscriber, you may cancel your subscription at anytime. However, note that subscriptions are granted on a monthly basis and are not pro-rated, therefore, we do not allow refunds. Upon cancellation, the automatic monthly payment will cease. You will continue to have access to your transcripts and certificates. However, you will need to re-register to take any courses and the time accrued will no longer count toward subscription discount if you decide to re-register in the future.

✓ A five percent (5%) discount is applied for each purchase of 3 to 9 licenses

✓ A ten percent (10%) discount is applied for each purchase of 10 to 19 licenses

✓ A fifteen percent (15%) discount is applied for each purchase of 20 or more licenses

In order to get student discount on course registration, you’ll need to have your official student email verified. You can register for an account with your [email protected] email here. If you already have an account with VGES, you can update your account email to your [email protected] here.

In order to get the military discount on course registration, you must provide your Common Access Card (CAC) or Uniformed Services ID Card Benefits Number during registration. VGES reserves the right to cancel your registration if your provided Benefits Number cannot be verified.

Student accounts must be renewed every year after registration. A renewal request will be sent to the [email protected] address one week before expiry. If the renewal request is not fulfilled within that week, regular (no-discount) monthly subscription fees will be charged from then on.

Military discounts do not expire.

Discounts are available in tiers based on individual subscription durations. Please refer to our Plans and Pricing page for more information.

Currently registered participants have direct access to the instructor by clicking the “Message” button under “About Instructor” during course participation. Prior to registration or after completing the course, please review this FAQ page for answers to your questions. If you feel that satisfactory answers are not provided, please use “Contact Us” to send your questions to VGES.

You are encouraged to interact with other learners to enhance your learning experience. Each course has a cohort group, please join the group for each of your registered courses. In addition, you can communicate directly with course mates by clicking the message icon under “My Messages”. Enter the email address/addresses of course mates you want to contact and send a message.

Upon completing a course, you are encouraged to complete a survey of simple questions with yes, no or scaled responses by clicking on  “Evaluate This Course”. In addition, you have the opportunity to add your comments at that time. If you have comments after completing and submitting the survey, please visit the Contact Us page to send any further comments.

VGES does not discriminate in its educational programs or activities on the basis of race, color, national or ethnic origin, ancestry, age, religion or religious creed, disability or handicap, sex or gender.

View our full Anti-Discrimination Policy here.

A third party may use the “Contact Us” form to request verification upon receiving a VGES certificate of completion from a learner. Submission of course completion certificate to a third party is regarded as authorization by learner for the third party to request VGES verification of successful completion. VGES will reply to any verification request within 3 days of the request.

View our full Privacy Policy here.

Learners must not engage in communication and/or activities of discrimination according to race, color, national or ethnic origin, ancestry, age, religion or religious creed, disability or handicap, sex or gender. Such activities will be investigated and the registration of any learner found to be involved in discriminatory activities will be cancelled.

Yes. Before starting the learning event, each registered learner shall have a unique log-in identifier (Username/Password combination). You must not share this log-in information with a third party. With the unique identifier and non-sharing of log-in information, the learner who registers and participates in the learning event is regarded as the same person.