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About Our Courses

Course Bundles

A course bundle provides at least 36 contact hours of training. Upon successful completion of our course subscription bundle you will earn 36 contact hours (or 3.6 CEUs). For example, the Water Treatment Fundamentals bundle is accepted as a specialized training course for California Water Boards exams.

The bundle also provides the ability to continuously obtain contact hours or CEUs on demand for certificate renewal events. Plus, you have unlimited access to all accompanying interactive calculation modules in the bundle on any device, anytime, anywhere.  

Individual Courses

Need to earn a few CEUs? Our individual courses are the perfect way to earn 4 contact hours (or 0.4 CEUs). Plus, enjoy our accompanying interactive calculation modules, as applicable, on any device anytime, anywhere. You must complete any individual course within 14 days of purchase.


Pricing for both individual courses and course bundles is affordable and flexible. We offer student and military discounts. Discounts are also extended to all learners who subscribe to our course bundles based on the length of subscription. More information can be found on our Plans and Pricing page.


Quizzes are made up of multiple choice questions. You must obtain a minimum score of 70% on the quiz to receive a certificate. Questions are randomly generated from a pool and answer keys are varied each time the questions load. You may attempt a course quiz as often as you want.

Course Completion

Each course is designed to last a minimum of 3-hours of study time with a one (1) hour quiz. Upon successful completion (70% minimum score on the quiz), each course provides four (4) contact hours or 0.4 CEU. As a bundle, you will earn 36 contact hours (3.6 CEUs) after completing all courses in the bundle.