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Completing a Course

You study at your own pace. However, each course is designed for an average study time of 3 hours followed by a 1-hour quiz. Also, you will be prevented from taking the quiz until you have reviewed each section/topic in the course. You will not receive partial/adjusted credit if you do not successfully meet the criteria for achievement of IACET CEUs.

A maximum idle time (lack of mouse/cursor movement) of ten (10) minutes is allowed to review illustrations/drawings or other graphic materials. It also provides a reasonable thinking period to effect good understanding of the subject matter.

You must complete an individual course within 14 days; therefore, at a studying rate of 2 hrs/week, an individual course will be completed in 14 days. You must successfully complete the quiz on or before the 14th day.

If you buy a course bundle of 36 contact hours (3-unit or 3.6 CEUs), there is no time restriction. However, it is recommended to successfully complete the course bundle, including all quizzes, within 12 months. At a studying rate of 1 hr/week, each course can be completed in one month which amounts to 9 months for 36 contact hours.

With subscription, you have continuous access to the accompanying interactive calculation modules, referred to as My Supplemental Material in the menu. In addition, your continued access makes the bundle your personal e-Textbook with the ability to earn CEUs for certificate renewal as needed.  

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