Introduction to Water Distribution

Course Objective: To teach learners the purpose and design considerations for water distribution systems, appurtenances used in water distribution, basic principles of hydraulics, and disinfection and bacteriological testing of water mains.

This course, part of the Water Treatment Fundamentals bundle, provides an introduction to water distribution systems. 4 Contact Hours (or 0.4 CEUs) will be granted upon completion of this course.

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Disclaimer: Any mention or display of pictures, illustrative drawings or schematics of products from any company is not an endorsement. VGES has requested or obtained permission from owners to use such materials in this course.

Upon completion of this course, learners will be able to:


✓ the purpose and design considerations for water distribution systems


✓ pressure requirements for various flow conditions

✓ velocity requirements under normal and flushing operations

✓ factors for determining water quantity requirements

✓ regulations guiding water quality requirements

✓ major components of a distribution system


✓ piping systems

✓ types of pipe materials

✓ water distribution appurtenances

✓ types of pumps encountered in water systems


✓ velocity and velocity head

✓ pressure and pressure head

✓ elevation head

✓ frictional head loss

✓ water horsepower

✓ brake horsepower

✓ motor horsepower

✓ pump efficiency

✓ pumping cost

✓ amount of disinfectant required for disinfection


✓ pump performance curves

A. Purpose and Design Considerations for Water Distribution Systems     

1. Quantity Requirements     

2. Pressure Requirements     

3. Velocity Requirements     

4. Water Quality Requirements     

5. Piping Systems     

6. Types of Pipe Materials     

B. Appurtenances     

1. Fire Hydrants     

2. Valves and Uses of Valves     

3. Service Connections and Meters     

C. Introduction to Hydraulics     

1. Water Flow in Pipes     

1.a. Pressure     

1.b. Pressure Head     

1.c. Velocity     

1.d. Velocity head     

1.e. Elevation head     

1.f. Friction head     

2. Pumping     

2.a. Pump Performance     

2.b. Pump Characteristic Curve     

D. Flushing of Water Mains     

1. Flushing Methods     

E. Disinfection and Bacteriological Testing of Water Mains     

1. Disinfection     

2. Bacteriological Testing     


About Instructor

Water Treatment Instructor

This instructor has over twenty-five years of experience in the water industry. He was also a college adjunct instructor teaching water treatment classes.

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