Course Objective: To teach learners types of filter, operation and backwashing of granular media filters, and mathematics of filtration process.

This course, part of the Water Treatment Fundamentals bundle, focuses on filtration. 4 Contact Hours (or 0.4 CEUs) will be granted upon completion of this course.

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Upon completion of this course, learners will be able to:


✓ commonly used filter media types

✓ turbidity causing colloidal matter

✓ turbidity removal requirements

✓ turbidity removal mechanisms in a filter

✓ filter control equipment


✓ problems in multimedia gravity filters

✓ maximum filtration rates


✓ head loss effects on filters

✓ filter run termination profiles


✓ modes of filter operation

✓ components of a gravity media filters

✓ backwash sequencing

✓ filter media characteristics and selection requirements

✓ air scouring and its effects


✓ turbidity information


✓ daily filter production

✓ filter production/run

✓ filter backwash rate

✓ filter aid dosage

✓ filtration rate

✓ filter loading rate

✓ unit filter run volume (UFRV)

✓ filter media effective size and L/d ratio


✓ filter run profile


✓ a filter assessment or surveillance program


✓ a comprehensive performance evaluation


✓ deteriorating filter performance

✓ normal and abnormal filter media conditions

A. Types of Filter     

1. Driving Force     

1.a. Gravity filters     

1.b. Pressure filters     

2. Filtration Rate and Media Types     

2.a. Slow sand filters     

2.b. Rapid sand filters     

2.c. High rate filters     

2.d. Filter media selection for gravity filters     

3. Direction of Flow     

3.a. Downflow     

3.b. Upflow     

B. Filter Operation     

1. Effluent-Controlled Constant-Rate Submerged Inlet Constant Level Filter     

2. Influent-Controlled Constant-Rate Variable Level Filter     

3. Influent-Controlled Declining-Rate Variable Level Filter     

4. Effluent-Controlled Declining-Rate Submerged Inlet Constant Level Filter

C. Filter Control Equipment     

D. Filter Run Profile     

E. Filter Backwashing     

F. Filter Operation Record Keeping     

G. Recognizing Problems in Multimedia Filter Operation     

H. Mathematics of Water Filtration     

Computations in Filter Operation


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This instructor has over twenty-five years of experience in the water industry. He was also a college adjunct instructor teaching water treatment classes.

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